Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Minyan Mailbag

Anonymous said...

Great Blog and Great Site! Quick question: in regards to the paid subscription for, what benefits (other than "buzz and banter") does a subscriber get over a non-subscriber?

Thanks in advance!

We said...

Subscriber's gain access to the Buzz and Banter, Minyanville's signature product. Aside from the great community we take pride in at Minyanville, The Buzz and Banter is truly our bread and butter. We have so many brilliant contributors here, many of whom are executives of their own hedge funds and research firms. With nearly 100 posts per day, they are able to relay their insights to your desktop via the Buzz and Banter in real-time. By following the flow of the markets via the buzz, you'll get actionable investing ideas and learn how to be a more fiscally fit investor.

Also, in furthering our community at the ‘Ville, we are working to generate new networking opportunities among subscribers so we can not only learn about our fellow Minyans, but learn from them.

I’d say you get what you pay for, but you get more. Plus a Free Trial never hurts.


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