Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Random Thoughts

By Todd Harrison

  • CRB 330-334 remains an uber-important double secret support zone for commodity land. If they break that shake, you'll start hearing the word "deflation" on a lot more lips.

  • We've seen a lot more option selling than option buying as we edge into earnings. As Professor Succo would say, that's a complacent 'theme.'

  • Outside of specific nibbles (such as JP Morgan puts under BKX 108), I'm typing with one hand and sitting on the other. This, despite my earlier sense that the S&P 200-day was fraught with fragility.

  • A view from afar? I can tell you, after a week abroad, that the dollar is hurtin' for certain and the collective perceptions of the USA aren't what they used to be. Not a shocker, given my long-standing and oft-communicated vibes, but worthy of a mention nonetheless.

  • Snaps to Minyan Matt Ford for the upcoming publication of "Threat, Intimidation and Student Financial Market Knowledge: An Empirical Study" in the Journal of Education for Business. I am a co-author of this academic study--which is sorta cool--but Matty deserves the group hug. He's doing great things with UMV so if you've got college age Minyans--or would like to include your school in our syndicate--please get involved. That's how we grow!

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